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RSA Airspaces KML - for Google Earth


The RSA DATA KMZ file is an initiative undertaken by ATNS to illustrate the definitions and complexities of airspace, routes, aerodromes and navigational facilities within South Africa to the public in the interest of safety. It allows the user to visualise airspaces in 3D.

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Positive response received from the CAA


I received this response from our many objections to the proposed amendments to Part 139 subpart 5

Message from Aviation Infrastructure Chairperson:

Following the submission of a proposed Part139 subpart 5 and 6 to the CARCOM process and subsequent to a Subcommittee meeting held during August 2015, CARCOM approved for publication of said proposals.
Based on the number and content of comments received, a review was done of the proposals in line with international benchmarking as well as the applicable National Development initiatives.

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Welcome to the EAA of South Africa

The Experimental Aircraft Association aims to assist its members with building, flying, and restoring non-type certified aircraft. Read more about the EAA of SA.

Project Cuba

Captain Arthur Piercy is well known in the flying world. In 1978 he qualified as a pilot in the South African Air force. In 1983 he was selected for the Mirage Course, flying at AFB Pietersburg...more.