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Where's Woldow - Going Solo


I trust you are all well and busy. My apologies for not keeping in better touch, but work and travel has kept us very busy this summer.
As a proud father, I wanted to send this out. Our son, Allan, soloed yesterday. Big day for him as not everyone gets their first solo in a Boeing. A little less than 15 hours with a brave instructor (Rick Cunningham) Several of us, including Chad were out to celebrate.
Take care, and say hi to the gang.

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Where's Woldow - RV-8


“It’s been quite a while since we last spoke, so I trust all is well with yourself and the EAA gang in South Africa. As you may know, last year I added a RV-8 to my collection, and have been enjoying its economy, often with Chad Pobanz off my wing in his blue machine. I did an overflight last weekend with the ‘Harvard’. The guy who sponsored me rode along and took a bunch of photos. Thought you may like to see how things are over here.

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Where's Woldow Stopped


On the way to the Thunder over MI, we stopped in Danville IL to meet up with friends travelling from the south. We took time to poke around a few hangars.

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Where's Woldow: Gathering of T-6's


Lisa took these photo's on departure from home on our recent flight to Yisplanti MI, home of Willow Run Airport where all those bombers were produced for WWII. They were having a gathering of T-6's, and with the promise of fuel, lodging, and food, we were on our way. A great weekend, with the highlights being a formation of a B-17, flanked by a P-38 lightening and a P47 Thunderbolt, with P-51's on ends of the Vee. The USAF Thunderbirds were there too, but to us fans of vintage aviation they were

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Where's Woldow


Been a long time since we've communicated.

Terrible winter here in the Midwest US, and barely coming out of it. Thanks for keeping me on the Contact distribution list even though I'm not a dues paying member, I really like hearing of the activities and seeing the friendly faces.

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