Happiness is... a Particle Separator


Happiness is a Particle Separator on my Turbomeca engine.:)

My Gazelle was purchased without any filtration on the air intake to the compressor, and operations in dusty environments have been fraught with anxiety.
I was fortunate enough to source a new Particle Separator in France, which was recently fitted to ZU - HHP by Johan Lok’s Warbirds facility at Wonderboom Airport, seen in the attached pics as a ‘before and after’.

Whilst not bullet-proof, it will provide SOME protection for the compressor blades in general operations.

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Lt. Colonel Charlie Marais enthrals the audience at the Flying Legends Talk Show


Last Thursday 11 February, at the EAA Auditorium at Rand Airport, a full house greeted Lt. Colonel Charlie Marais who spent 30 years in the South African Air Force (SAAF). What a career! 36 months spent in the Angolan Bush War as a helicopter gunship pilot and then serving as Commanding Officer of 87 Flying School and 16 Squadron, the Rooivalk Attack Helicopter Squadron. The more Charlie talked about the Rooivalk, the more we realised the huge part that EAA 322 member and aeronautical engineer Rob Jonkers played in this iconic helicopter’s development.

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Fly in to Brits


Dear All,
Just look how wonderful Anton and I started the year, with one of the ‘senior boys’ from EAA, Rob Jonkers, taking Anton with us to Brits for breakfast from Wonderboom Airfield.
Wonderboom had fuel supply problems, so Rob had to ask his cousin, Martin, to fly a jerry can of fuel over from the airfield where ‘cousin’ hangars, so that Rob could have enough fuel to take my son flying, and to fill the aircraft with fuel at Brits. I ask you, the trouble some people will not go through just to do something for other people is just amazing.

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A large audience enjoys EAA Chapter 322’s February meeting


On Wednesday 03 February, some 130 members and friends came together at the Dickie Fritz MOTH Hall in Dowerglen for the February meeting of EAA Chapter 322. Chairman Mike Brown continued from where he had left off after the January meeting, in his usual smooth, relaxed bedside manner.

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Chapter 322 brekkie fly-in to Mongena Lodge in the Dinokeng Conservancy


Chapter 322 brekkie fly-in to Mongena Lodge in the Dinokeng Conservancy.
Dr Mike Brown (right) with Wayne Powell and Bianca Rudolph in Mike’s snazzy Saab 91 Safir ZU-DES.

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