Gordon's SA Kit Planes Explorer Project


Gordon Pickles is a surgeon by day, and on weekends can be found propelling himself around hills and valleys on a mountain bike, or working on his Explorer project in the hangar at Grass Roots.
He had the assistance of a merry bunch of guys so he did a trial fitment of the wings to ensure that the butt ribs lined up perfectly. The photo shows him proudly taking a photo of his creation. He is meticulous in his work and it is lovely and inspiring to watch the progress on the aeroplane.

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EAA Chapter 1502 East Coast Open Day and Fly-in at Grass Roots Airfield.


The Open Day at Grass Roots has been an institution for almost 30 years.

Graham and Sally McDonald built the airfield and they set up 16 December as a good time to have a get-together with aeroplanes and people. It has always been a fly-in - however, the weather often conspires against such activities in KZN at this time of the year, bringing misty cold days - or scorching windy days - or any combination of the above.

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Ch322 Project Visit - SF260 Simulator


On Saturday 05 December a project visit was held at the home of Rob & Vera Jonkers to view and fly the Siai Marchetti SF260 Simulator – a two-year scratch built project planned to be used as a training device for aspirant ab-initio military pilots.

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The end of an era as Captain Karl Jensen stands down as Chairman of EAA 322


On Wednesday 02 December, some 70 members and friends of EAA Chapter 322 came together at the Dickie Fritz MOTH Hall in Dowerglen. The occasion was the last meeting of the year for the Chapter, but also to say ‘au revoir’ to its beloved Chairman Karl Jensen who ‘stepped down’ after several years at the helm. The Jensen reign has, without question, been the most successful in the history of South Africa’s biggest, busiest and best EAA Chapter.

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Notice: Aircraft Owners and Approved Persons


Please take note that the annual aircraft inspection form RA 24.1(a) and RA 24.1 (b) has been amended to reflect the requirements of the applicable regulations. Further note that the ATF application forms RA 24.2 (a), (b) and (c) have also been updated.

From 01 December 2015 only the new forms will be accepted.

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