EAA Aviation Legends Talk Show - Calle Hedberg

Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 18:30

Our guest for July is probably the best known Norwegian (in aviation circles) in South Africa. His name is Calle Hedberg and he’s famous for his recent round the world trip in his brilliant South African designed and built single engine RAVIN 500 aircraft, “Troll Air Round the World”.

Calle is a computer scientist by profession who started flying in 2006. He has just less than 1,500 hours total flying experience of which 385 hours were flown during his round the world flight ending on the 1st June 2014. On his Avcom Blog Calle made 2176 posts during his trip and had over 95000 views by followers on the 146 page blog, with many thousands of comments by followers. He is working hard right now to sort all of his experiences and adventures into a presentation which will contain the most interesting and entertaining stories for the lucky ones who manage to get a seat in the auditorium on the 10th.

HOST Our host Dr. MIKE BROWN is really looking forward to this interview and will, as usual, coax every “juicy morsel” from our extremely articulate and eloquent speaker. Regulars are advised to book their seats now or miss the show. A quarter of the seats are already taken.

Cost : R50.00 each (R30 for card carrying EAA, members)
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Refreshments : Our famous Boerewors and Steak Rolls – fresh off the flames will be available, Pub, Coffee on Sale in the Canteen