Laid Back

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The East London EAA members may be living in a laid-back part of SA, but they certainly are very capable of putting together an enjoyable Convention.
I have attended all of them and this year's one was again well organised with the boys living up to their reputation. Thank you all!
The AGM attendance was excellent and very lively at times. Thanks Paul for all the hard work.
This year, I decided to hang up my boots as aircraft judge after two and a half decades of it. Time for a change...
I put on the ‘Forum cap’ and ran an Aircraft Surface Treatment forum, discussing aluminium preparation with all its do's and don'ts.
It was reasonably well attended and those who were there showed a keen interest, which was very enjoyable and gratifying.
Unfortunately, we ran out of time and the second forum on Aircraft Hardware I had prepared had to be canned and kept for another time.
I sat in on Dr Mike Brown's excellent talk on Aviation Medicine and Annual (for me, that is!...) Medicals - a most professional presentation.
- Marc Kuster
EAA Chapter 1502