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Captain Arthur Piercy is well known in the flying world. In 1978 he qualified as a pilot in the South African Air force. In 1983 he was selected for the Mirage Course, flying at AFB Pietersburg. After graduating, he was transferred to 3 Squadron where he qualified to fly Mirage F1 CZs. In 1987 he was involved in an air to air dog fight and was hit by a missile fired by a Cuban pilot flying a MiG 23. Upon landing safely, his damaged aircraft lost all braking, overran the end of the runway and went through a fence and a ditch which inadvertently set off his ejection seat injuring him severely. After being hospitalized for seven months, he was discharged with a C6, C7 fracture of the neck and is permanently confined to a wheelchair. See for a full report of his accident.

Arthur has three dreams.
1. To fly to Cuba to reconcile with the pilot that damaged his aircraft.
2. To build an airplane that he can fly to renew his flying licence.
3. To fly around the world for charity and himself.

To help Arthur achieve his first dream, we are appealing to all flying enthusiasts to contribute an affordable amount, to achieve this truly worthwhile cause. Our initial plan was to assist Arthur and his father who recently passed away, to travel to Cuba. After discussi


As aviation enthusiasts let us take-off and co-pilot with Arthur as he follows his dream. All contributions will be consolidated into one amount which will be handed to Arthur at the first EAA meeting in 2015. Any amount from R5 to R50k will be appreciated. So whatever you can afford/justify, will help Arthur to achieve his dream. Only Mark Clulow, our Treasurer, will know who paid what and his lips are “Project Cuba” with Arthur, he says that Linda de Jager, an independent film producer, has already started filming a documentary about his story including his dream to fly to Cuba in early February 2015. See The proceeds of this documentary will help Arthur to support himself and could even help him achieve his other dreams. Initial estimates for this trip are at least R 200 000.

We hope that you will manage to contribute to this incredible opportunity and honour, which we can all proudly share in, by making a deposit to: Bank: ABSA, Account Name: EAA 322, Branch: Greenstone, Account number 405 376 6150, Please use reference: “Arthur - Your Name”.

For more information contact Marie.

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This project is dedicated to the many young pilots and crew that lost their lives in the Angolan war for our freedom: KW Williamson, E Thompson, Neil Liddell, Dewald Marais, Owen Doyle, Paul Vellerman, Nigel Osborne, Dick Retief, Pete Hollis, Koos Celliers, Steve Volkerz, Bertus Roos, Clifton Stacey, John Inggs, John Robinson, Michael Earp, Kenny Dalgleish, Gene Kotze, John Twaddle, Chris Pieterson, Grobbies Grobler, Richard Glynn and Ed Every.


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