EAA Chapter 322 Meeting - 3 May 2017

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EAA Chapter 322 meets again this coming Wednesday 3 May

Members and friends of EAA Chapter 322 are reminded about the next monthly meeting this coming Wednesday 03 May at the Dickie Fritz MOTH Hall in Dowerglen, Edenvale.This is only two days after our annual convention so the war-stories should still be fresh in the memories of our members,which will form part of the evening's entertainment as we do a comprehensive debrief about the event.

In addition,Brian Appleton will be talking about his recent visit to AERO Friedrichshafen,and Nico Brandt will take us through the details of a forced lob.

So please everyone, come and join us at 18h00 for 19h00 this coming Wednesday. You do not have to be a member and you certainly will not be ‘press-ganged’ into joining this vibrant EAA Chapter. There will be delicious refreshment from the kitchen awaiting us upon arrival, and as always there will be coffee, tea and a cash bar available.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.            

Minutes from 5th of April meeting,can be found below.

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